Hot Tubs Built by Canadians for Canadians

Hot tubs are one of our specialties. Waterstone Products offers the best Canadian-made hot tubs built specifically to meet Canadian standards and the challenges of extreme northern weather conditions. If you are looking for hydrotherapy, entertainment, relaxation, social or family time, we will help you find the spa that meets your needs. There are many models and sizes that our trained staff can assist you with when choosing the spa that fits your lifestyle and budget.

Arctic Spas®
Arctic Spas are engineered for the world’s harshest climates wherever you happen to live, and that translates into your guarantee of reliability, economy and peace of mind. Combining advanced spa technology with world-class construction techniques, Arctic Spas offers the highest standards of quality and engineering available. Every Arctic Spa is engineered for ease of use, strength and a lifetime of pleasure.

Softub offers you a “spa” experience in your own back yard. Softubs are portable, weather resistant and can be used anyplace, anytime, anywhere. Softub spas come in 3 sizes to fit your needs. They plug into a standard 110V household outlet, taking just minutes to set up. The innovative, patented technology of Softub makes it simple, quick and inexpensive to use.